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Tens of thousands of businesses, schools and other organizations have solved their marketing and communications programs through Interactive CD-ROM Multi-Media Presentations. These organizations have included their annual reports, industry information, company prospectus, product demonstra-tions, new product introductions, catalogues, databases, internal training sessions and tutorials in their CD ROM's Presentations. Because CD-ROM Presentations can carry virtually unlimited information, they are considered a modern inter active phenomenon of disseminating corporate and product information. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the worth of an interactive demonstration of your product!

Reternetics will author, develop and produce high-impact extensive inter-active presentations custom tailored to your sales/marketing or corporate needs and budgets. We can produce your Interactive CD-ROM Presentations with dramatic sound and music, or eye catching animation. All presentations are PC compatible.

We use a combination of man hours, the amount of pages or documents, how many minutes of video editing if applicable, amount of 3d design if needed, to label design of the CD-ROM to determine the final price of your presentation.


Reternetics offers services to various clients for video production. In this age of digital media, it has become the need of the hour to have virtual presence in the digital medium and what better way to connect to the audience, that is visual communication. We render industry-standard videos as per the requirement of the client and produce them in the highest quality for best propagation of the idea. We believe in high quality digital art delivered at the best economical pricing.


We are into conceptualising, execution and producing ad films for various platforms such as online medium for YouTube, Websites and Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram etc.


We make films for Corporates that enhance their vision and propagate their ideas in a visual medium. We also cover and make film on their Corporate Social Responsibility projects.


We cover events such as Corporate events, conferences, gatherings etc, Weddings, Public events such as marathons, concerts, exhibitions etc. We also provide services to render the video on live broadcast on large LED Screens or on Online Platforms such as YouTube etc.


We have an brilliant team of photographers whose skills range from doing photography at various levels such as Weddings, Concerts, Candids, Exhibitions, Product Photography, Outdoor Photography etc.


We offer services for Post-Production of videos for various mediums such Television, Movie Theatres, Online Mediums such as YouTube, Vimeo, Websites and Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. We use industry standard machines and softwares to finesse the videos that look interesting, crisp and vibrant. We also use Visual Effects (VFX) and Colour Grading methods to enhance the look of the video while making the story-telling more fluidic.


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