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"Got my new phone, let me post it on Instagram (how the new bees share happiness socially)"

"We got engaged, let me change my relationship status on Facebook (how I'm winning the race alone, no one wants to marry)"

"Government officials did not treat the citizens correctly, let me tweet about it (No democracy is followed, even I'm not treating anyone right)"

We do it all when it comes to sharing our lives on social media.

SMM is such a magic which can create wonders to be remembered forever. And not only in booming one's business but it can do a lot beyond that. Brands like Ola, Uber, MMT, OYO, Big Basket, Urban Co. and a lot more companies have grown from just a mere thought and a banging entry in our lives, socially & personally!


Outsource your worries to us. We work on the 5 most important pillars that synergize your social media marketing efforts:

1. Strategy

In order to make a strategy for the big picture, it is necessary to know a few things about it- like your goal which is to be achieved, which SM platform will be beneficial for you, what will be your target audience and what sort of content do you want to deliver. We specialize in creating resonating content strategies that makes your brand a part of the customer's story

2. Planning & Publishing

A well-planned content marketing strategy is half the battle won. That's why we focus on carefully planning the events your brand would like to own throughout the year and craft communication and messaging tailor-made to digital platforms.

3. Listening & Engagement

The best part of SM is you know what the next day will bring to you. You keep the buzz up and that will create a great impact. You'll be tagged, you'll be someone people will talk about. We help you listen to your audience, drive engagements and see the incremental reach grow month on month.

4. Analytics & Reporting

We keep a regular check on our campaigns weekly. This helps us create and achieve the weekly goals you set for us. This is our way of driving efficiency and performance

5. Advertizing

We help you narrow down the audiences you should be reaching out to basis demographic and affinity profiling. This ensures ad dollars spends are optimized with minimal spillover

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